Phish - 1990

Columbia, SC, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

There are no tapes of this show in the archives so the setlist, which may be incomplete, was adopted from circulating fan sources. The Mundahs opened. Trey called Hold Your Head Up “the Henrietta Theme Song”. After the first return to Hold Your Head Up, Fish said “there’s one more verse to this” and then finished singing Love You. Fish, clearly tortured by the heavy dose of Argent, extended his vacuum solo over the last return to Hold Your Head Up while Trey repeatedly sang “Henrietta”. Before You Enjoy Myself, while Fish returned to his drums, Trey teased Call To The Post (the horse race call). Fish introduced Contact as “the bass-player-is-taking-a-leak song” and dedicated it to Paul Languedoc. Page then announced that their bassist, who Trey called “Michael Cactin”, would turn 25 at midnight. Trey then said Mike would now play everyone a love song, as they started Contact.