Phish - 1990

Club Bene
Sayerville, NJ, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st public show in New Jersey.  They had played privately at Trey’s parents’ place the previous winter (see 3/5/89).  The show began with Trey saying “I was born and raised in New Jersey.”  The band began Divided Sky behind a red velvet curtain that was raised and lowered in a sort of peek-a-boo game.  Before Uncle Pen, Trey said “this is sort of a dream come true for me and Page who grew up in New Jersey.  This is the first time we’ve ever played in New Jersey.  We’ll do a little song here that takes us back to our New Jersey roots…an old Bill Monroe song.”  Mike added “This is a song about Pendleton Vandiver.”  Stash was played by request for “Big Phil” Muller, who was one of about a dozen people in attendance.  To Phil’s request, Trey responded “Stash, it’s good to hear people requesting new songs…That is definitely one of my favorites.”  Mike quipped “he wrote it…I think it sucks.”  Trey explained that he wrote the Stash music but another New Jersey native, Tom Marshall, wrote the lyrics.  He said Tom wasn’t at the show because he had to work in the morning programming computers.  Trey then urged people to call out any other requests.  Stash and La Grange contained Buried Alive jamming.  Trey introduced The Landlady with some funny New Jersey comments about Wawa food market.  Mike introduced Destiny Unbound by saying “this is a song I wrote about my Uncle Pendleton.”  Before starting set II, Trey asked for a show of hands how many people actually lived in New Jersey.  He then mentioned that it felt good to be from New Jersey and introduced Buried Alive as a song the band wrote about New Jersey entitled “New Jersey And You, Perfect Together”, which was the state’s tourism slogan.  During I Didn’t Know, Trey introduced Fish as Zero Man before his vacuum solo.  The band continued the joke, substituting “Pardon me Zero Man” for the usual “Pardon me Doug” lyrics.  During Golgi Apparatus, the band joked some more about New Jersey and as they ended the song, Trey shouted one final “New Jersey And You, Perfect Together!”.  Before Contact, Trey introduced his dog Marley as “the 5th member of the band who doesn’t usually get as much recognition – This is The Mar Mar.”  He went on to say that Contact was Marley’s favorite song.