Phish - 1990

Clarke Memorial Fountain, Notre Dame University
South Bend, IN, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an afternoon show outdoors near the center of the Notre Dame campus. It was a rainy day and the band took a few rain breaks during the show, specifically after Reba and Esther. Ya Mar was properly referred to as a “pool song” and Dinner And A Movie was called, among other things, “Pre-Mating Ritual Number One.” Before set II, Trey (sarcastically) asked the crowd to “keep the roar to a minimum”. During I Didn’t Know, Fish announced his vacuum solo by saying “This is the sack-vac of Boulder and I’m going to do nasty things with it.” This setlist was adopted from circulating fan sources. The setlist for set II may be partial or the set may have just been cut short due to weather.