Phish - 1990

The Red Barn
Hinesburg, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Show Notes

This was the 1st show of the summer – an unannounced private party at Pam’s house on CVU Road in Hinesburg. There are no tapes in the archives – the songs listed here were reported by Eric Larson, who requested Communication Breakdown. This was a 3-set show that, according to Ian McLean, had lots of new tunes “from the Johnny B. Fishman Jazz Ensemble era”. Ian also reported that this event had the first ever tank of N2O that had ever been seen at a Phish show. In Ian’s estimation, the gas purveyors were charging too much for balloons and he was hassling them. This, coupled with the fact that this was the weekend after the U.S. attack on Kuwait that started the Persian Gulf War, earned Ian the nickname “Saddam McLean” for the weekend. This setlist is incomplete and the songs listed may be from any of the three sets.