Phish - 1995

Waterloo Village Music Center
Stanhope, NJ, US

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Phish’s second and final show at Waterloo Village. Tickets cost $22.50 and the show was sold out. The ticket price included remote parking and bus transportation to and from the show, which led to a legendary traffic snarl. Soundcheck included the 1st Goin’ Down Slow (St. Louis Jimmy Oden cover popularized by Howlin’ Wolf) and, within a slow My Sweet One Refrain Medley, the 1st It’s Magic (The Jets cover) played by Phish. Reba ended without whistling. Harpua was unfinished, ending after Trey’s narration about Jimmy playing an Abba record, which led to the 1st Waterloo (Abba cover) played by Phish as Trey continued the narration from Jimmy’s perspective “…this is really shitty music…what can I do to make this a little better? Maybe if I add a little rocking harmonica to it it would tighten up a little bit.” At that point, John Popper appeared onstage to join the band on harmonica for Harmonica Jam, Llama and Good Times Bad Times.