Phish - 1995

Fish’s House
Underhill, VT, US

Set List

Set I

Show Notes

This was the 1st show of 1995, a 1-set private party at Fish’s Dome where the band gathered with family and friends to run through some of their new material before the tour. This show could be characterized as rehearsal but since it was before a live audience, is considered a show for these purposes. The new Spring 1995 Doniac Schvice included the full summer tour dates starting 6/7/95 in Boise and announced Green Crew’s continued efforts to keep the lots clean, Mail Order Tickets for tapers and others via: Phish Tickets-By-Mail and some highly anticipated news about the “as yet untitled double live CD set” recorded throughout 1994 that would eventually be known as “A Live One.” This show featured the 1st Don’t You Want To Go? (traditional/The Meditation Singers cover), Ha Ha Ha, Spock’s Brain, Strange Design, Theme From The Bottom, Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Lou Reed cover), Free, Glide II (also known as Flip), I’ll Come Running (Brian Eno cover) played. Ha Ha Ha, despite being a Fishman composition, was introduced repeatedly during the gig as “Mike’s Song.” After this show the crew loaded the gear and started off for Lowell, Massachusetts.