Phish - 1995

CoreStates Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA, US

Set List

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was the 1st Phish show at The Spectrum – a hockey and basketball arena opened in 1967 with a capacity of 18,190. Tickets cost $22.50 and the show was sold out. Trey played the show in a Flyers jersey. As the band finished Maze and started Ha Ha Ha, he welcomed the audience “I just want to say this is where I saw my first concert ever, Jethro Tull, right here. Very excited to be here tonight. I’ve always wanted to play here. Thanks for coming.” Possum contained Oom Pah Pah, The Simpsons and All Fall Down secret language as well as a Voodoo Child (Slight Return) tease. Tweezer Reprise finished the un-reprised Tweezer from the previous show at Binghamton. This was the only time to-date that Tweezer Reprise opened a set II (and one of just four Tweezer Reprise set-openers ever). Set II of this show featured the 2nd Rotation Jam during which the band members switched instruments on stage. The Rotation Jam led into the 1st and only Mallory played. Little is known about this song except that Fish sang it solo accompanying himself on Page’s piano. The lyrics were: “Mallory i said yes. Overwhelmingly she said no. We were waiting for a lovely conversation. She was ignoble, irritable and oddly constructed. I was the man for her. She leaned in and whispered demanding to see the contents. There was no doubt at the styling. It was complete. I would do this and get rid of my rage, if she’d give me an office instead of a cage. Don’t you think that was a little too much to ask so soon. Yes you’re right by my side in the light of the moon. Oh child, oh child, oh child.” After this show the band and crew traveled 388 miles overnight to Lake Placid, New York.