Phish - 1995

Olympic Center
Lake Placid, NY, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a 2-night stand at the Olympic Center. Tickets cost $20.00 and the show was sold out. As the band finished Chalk Dust Torture, Trey announced setbreak, thanked the audience and crew and added “while we’re taking this break…we’re going to try to bring the second band vs. audience chess game to a close. We’ll be in the band room with a walkie talkie radio and anyone who wants to play in the audience vs. band chess game go to the Greenpeace table. You guys will also have a walkie talkie radio and Pete Schall who’s sitting right over there is gonna be on stage with a walkie talkie radio. You guys make a move, tell Pete what it is – he’ll move it on the big board so everybody in here can see what’s going on. We’ll make a move and we’ll see how close we can get to the end. It’s really been a great tour. It’s been three months and we’re feeling good. We’re going home tonight and we really want to thank you all. Thank you very much.” After setbreak, before Bouncing Around The Room, Trey announced “We couldn’t resist making one more move there so you guys pick somebody and we’ll get somebody up later on to make one last audience move. The Tweezer jam led into an extended (5 minute), Coil-style piano solo that bridged the gap between Tweezer and Tweezer Reprise. This was the final show on Fall Tour. After this show the band and crew returned home for the holidays. The Late Fall 1995 Doniac Schvice included mail order instructions for Holiday Tour, announced that January would be a month of rest followed by a return to the studio in February “to record an album of new songs, hopefully to be released in October of 1996.” Also announced in the Late Fall 1995 Schvice Phish News was postponement (until 1997, which turned out to be indefinitely) of a “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday” CDROM and the announcement of Trey’s Surrender to the Air on Elektra Records, described as “Trey’s first solo effort. Recorded in April and May 1995, it features a great cast of musicians, including John Medeski, Mark Ribot and several Sun Ra alumni. It also features a lesser known musician named Jon Fishman. The definitive release date will be announced in the next Schvice, which will be sent out sometime in February, 1996.”