Phish - 1995

Great Woods Amphitheatre
Mansfield, MA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of Phish’s second 2-night stand at Great Woods. Reserved tickets cost $20.50 and the show was sold out. This show was broadcast live on WBCN 104.1 FM. If I Could featured a new solo guitar introduction. In an unusual twist, Fish played vacuum and Mike played an electric drill during It’s Ice. Suzy Greenberg included teases of Sunshine Of Your Love and Smoke On The Water. Before the encore, Trey thanked the audience and dedicated Funky Bitch to them, saying “I just want to say before we do this last song…tomorrow we’re going to go to Vermont. Those will be the last two shows of this tour and since we’re from Vermont, we’re essentially home. Over the last month we’ve met a lot of people who have been driving around and doing the tour and going to a lot of different shows and everything…a lot of people who come out of the shows really like this next tune and always ask us to play it and we never play it, so we’re going to play it for you guys now and everybody here and this is thanking you all for coming out and having a good time with us. We really love what we do and thank you all very much.” Portions of video from this show and 6/30/95 were featured in Mike Gordon’s 1997 short film entitled “Goodwood.”