Phish - 1995

Pershing Auditorium
Lincoln, NE, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at Pershing Auditorium – a basketball arena with a capacity of 6,800.  Tickets cost $17.50 and the show was sold out.  It was Homecoming weekend and the Huskers won.  A note in the band’s itinerary read “Note: This is the biggest day of the year in Lincoln.  It’s homecoming football weekend.  The hotel is in Omaha, NE.”  The Jam/Dog Log that opened soundcheck included teases of YEM (“Wash Ufizzi and drive me to Firenze”) and The Landlady and featured a venue worker hammering to the music and/or vice-versa.  Life On Mars? from the soundcheck was played three times and Old Home Place from the soundhceck was revealed to be Sudbury.  This show featured the 1st ever Tweezer Reprise opener.  Reba ended without whistling.  The band teased Black or White before Good Times Bad Times, fueling rumors of a “Thriller” Halloween musical costume.  The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam included audible snoring.  Further to the Michael Jackson joke, Beat it was teased before and during Harry Hood and Suzy Greenberg.  Suzy Greenberg also contained teases of Stairway To Heaven and Tweezer Reprise.  Mike sat in a chair for the second verse of Highway To Hell.  After this show the band and crew traveled 548 miles overnight to Champaign, Illinois.  This show was released in 2007 on CD and audio/video download as LivePhish 10/21/95 Lincoln, NB with CD filler of Dog Log from the soundcheck (with hammering venue worker).