Phish - 1995

Compton Terrace Amphitheater
Chandler, AZ, US

Set List


Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at Compton Terrace – an amphitheater with a capacity of approximately 10,000.  Tickets cost $20.00.  The soundcheck started with the 1st and only known Mickey (Toni Basil cover sung as “Hey Ricky”) which was mashed up with Dog Log. Trey made a point to announce that Stash, Old Home Place and Acoustic Army (as well as the Funky Bitch soundcheck) were all “Live in Concert”.  After Acoustic Army, Trey introduced Fish as “Mr. Henrietta on the lead guitar, Live in Concert.”  Julius included a brief Buried Alive tease.  The Audience Chess Move was made by Sally Hanson of Boulder, CO on behalf of The People’s Front to which Trey responded, “On behalf of the band, we’d like to thank you for making that move.”  Possum started with some extreme dynamics and included a Dave’s Energy Guide tease.  Page teased the Theme from Star Trek during the depths of Mike’s Song.  Fish sang the transition between Mike’s Song and McGrupp.  Weekapaug Groove ended at top speed and segued unfinished into Llama for the first time ever (see also 10/26/10).  Suzy Greenberg included multiple teases of Crossroads and Sunshine Of Your Love.  Crossroads was played for the 1st time in more than two years (since 5/8/93).  After this show the band and crew traveled 1,037 miles to Fort Worth, Texas for a day off.