Phish - 1995

Mud Island Amphitheater
Memphis, TN, US

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at Mud Island – an uncovered amphitheater with a capacity of 5,245. Tickets cost $21.00 and the show was sold out. Funky Bitch from the soundcheck was the slow version. Rift from the soundcheck was performed as an instrumental. Before Don’t You Want To Go? at the start of set I, the band teased Stairway To Heaven. Amazing Grace was performed A capella “without microphones”. This show featured the longest Tweezer ever played, clocking in at nearly 50 minutes. Tweezer included Jams based on Gypsy Queen and Slave To The Traffic Light as well as a Digital Delay Loop Jam with whistling and a 2001 tease. Simple ended with an A capella vocal ending (see 12/8/94). After this show, the band and crew traveled 400 miles overnight to Atlanta, Georgia.