Phish - 1995

Rosemont Horizon
Rosemont, IL, US

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II



Show Notes

This was Phish’s first show at Rosemont Horizon – a multi-purpose arena opened in 1980 in the shadow of Chicago O’Hare airport witha capacity of 17,800. Tickets cost $24.50 and the show was sold out. After some work on Guyute, the soundcheck included horns – first just Dave Grippo working on Suzy Greenberg, then Suzy Greenberg with Grippo, then Suzy Greenberg with all the horns plus a Trey Bell Boy Rap and eventually Jesus Just Left Chicago and a Jam with horns. As promised in the Fall 1995 Doniac Schvice, Betty Frost and her disciples were on patrol to spot the coolest costumes. The 1st-ever show-opening Icculus kicked off the festivities. Harpua included Mike’s narration of a dream about Raccoons. Trey joked that Jimmy was listening to the Halloween Album while the band teased Beat It. Set II was the Quadrophenia musical costume, which the band kicked off with a Thriller Tease that included quotes from Thriller and Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. Every song during set II (Quadrophenia) was the 1st played and every song included the horns: Dave Grippo on alto saxophone, Don Glasgo on trombone, Joey Sommerville on trumpet and Alan Parshley on trombone. Bell Boy included the above guests plus Phish tour rigger, Leigh Fordham (dressed as the Bell Boy) performing Keith Moon’s vocal part. Love Reign O’er Me also included Trey’s guitar tech at the time, Steve Dikun, on Trey’s acoustic guitar (Trey was on drums). The band had reportedly reached out to Roger Daltrey to sing the lead of Love Reign O’er me but, since he didn’t accept, Fish sang it and made it his own. Before You Enjoy Myself at the start of set II , the audience made its chess move. Squirrel from G-Crew, dressed as a Wookie, froze on stage, so Fish quoted the Star Wars line “Everyone knows Wookies can’t play chess.” After the attempt at an audience chess move, the band teased The Rock. You Enjoy Myself was the longest version ever and included teases of The Real Me and Dave’s Energy Guide as well as a “F*ck You In The Ass” vocal jam. Jesus Just Left Chicago included Dave Grippo on alto saxophone. Suzy Greenberg included Dave Grippo on alto saxophone, Don Glasgo on trombone and Joey Sommerville on trumpet. The encore was the 2nd My Generation played (see 6/22/95) – it was performed acoustic in a bluegrass style with Trey on acoustic guitar and Fish on a Keith Moon style drum kit. After My Generation, Fish and Trey destroyed the drum kit The-Who-style while a detonator was placed on stage which Trey used to set off a final explosion. This show was released on CD and download as “LivePhish14” on Elektra in October, 2002. The Suzy Greenberg Soundcheck (with horns and Bell Boy Rap) was later released as an iTunes Bonus in February 2009. After this show the band and crew traveled home for a week off before the tour resumed in Atlanta.