Phish - 1995

Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Lowell, MA, US

Set List

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Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show in Lowell, Massachusetts. The venue was the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, a historic Italian Renaissance style theater opened in 1922 with excellent acoustics a capacity of 2,800. This was a Benefit Concert for Voters for Choice for victims of the 12/30/94 Brookline, MA family planning clinic shootings. This was a 1-set show for Phish – Jennifer Trynin & Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) played before Phish.  The show was hosted by women’s rights advocate Gloria Steinem, whose Introduction before Phish’s set promised fans more new music in one night than ever before. In keeping with Gloria’s promise, this show featured the1st public performances of Don’t You Want To Go?, Ha Ha Ha, Spock’s Brain, Strange Design, Theme From The Bottom, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, Free, Glide II, and I’ll Come Running. Reba ended without whistling. During Hold Your Head Up, Fish paused to introduce the new songs and when he got to the song after Ha Ha Ha, he said “Being that this is a Voters For Choice benefit…and we don’t really have a name for the third song that we played…”, Trey suggested the audience vote from four possible titles: The Plane, The First Single, Israel and the fourth choice, Spock’s Brain. The audience obviously voted for Spock’s Brain as Page teased the theme from Star Trek and Trey told a bit more about the song “inspired by the Star Trek episode where Bones tries to put Spock’s Brain back together.” Trey declared “Spock’s Brain it is, thank you” and Fish joked that “This is a benefit for Spock’s Brain.” Fish continued to explain that the song Page sang (Strange Design) also didn’t have a name yet. Trey suggested people give their suggestions to the merchandise table and Fish suggested calling it “Ah, Page sang.” As Fish started Lonesome Cowboy Bill, he pointed out “I didn’t write it of course…the Velvet Underground wrote this next song.” This show took place the day before Page’s birthday and some people in the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Page before Sweet Adeline. This show also featured the 1st and only Gloria (Them cover) played by Phish – played in honor of host/organizer Gloria Steinem. As they started the song, which they only partially performed, Trey said “most of all, the woman without whom none of this would be possible. For twenty years she’s been doing this stuff and she’s still going strong.” After this show, the band and crew traveled back to Vermont to prepare for summer tour.