Phish - 1995

Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second performance at Blossom and their first headline show at this wooden-roofed, natural parabolic outdoor amphitheater originally designed by Peter van Dijk. At the time, the capacity was about 18,781 and tickets cost $20. It was extremely hot out for this show, which took place the night after the Summer Solstice. Soundcheck yielded the 1st known My Generation (The Who cover) played by Phish – performed acoustic in somewhat the style in which it was fully realized on 10/31/95 during the Quadrophenia musical costume . Soundcheck also included a fairly rare Daniel Saw The Stone which segued into the 1st Rock Lobster (B-52’s cover) played by Phish. This show featured the 1st Mike’s > Contact > Weekapaug combination. After this show the band and crew traveled 295 miles overnight to Canandaigua, New York. This show was remastered and released, along with filler from 6/22/95 set II, as an archival download at in April, 2013.