Phish - 1995

Five Seasons Arena
Cedar Rapids, IA, US

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at Five Seasons Arena – a basketball arena with a scaled capacity of 5,500 for this event. Tickets cost $18.50 and the show was sold out. Amazing Grace soundcheck and Amazing Grace Instrumental to close set I featured Johnny “Bagpipes” Johnston on bagpipes. This was the first Amazing Grace instrumental in more than 2 years (since 5/8/93). Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone. My Long Journey Home and I’m Blue I’m Lonesome were performed acoustic with Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on banjo, Page on upright bass and Fish on mandolin. After this show, the band traveled to Omaha while the crew traveled the rest of the 321 miles to Lincoln, Nebraska.