Phish - 1995

Seattle Center Arena
Seattle, WA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was the first show of a 2-night stand at Seattle Center Arena (now known as Mercer Arena) – a hockey arena turned multi-purpose entertainment venue built in 1912 with a capacity of about 5,000. This was Phish’s first appearance at Seattle Center Arena. Tickets cost $20 and both shows were sold out. Baby Gramps opened. The Night Moves Jam (with lyrics) in set I gave Trey an opportunity to introduce the band vs. audience chess match “the four of us against all of you”. He explained that every night they would start the show with the band move and then the audience should visit the Greenpeace table at setbreak to formulate the audience response. He added, “as we said last night, we will crush you.” Fish played vacuum during the Slave To The Traffic Light jam.