Phish - 1995

West Palm Beach Auditorium
West Palm Beach, FL, US

Set List


Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at West Palm Beach Auditorium – a UFO-shaped hockey arena with a capacity of approximately 6,000.  Tickets cost $21.00.  Trey played percussion and spoke during the Chess Jam, thanking the audience for coming to the Florida shows and announcing the start of game two of the band vs. audience chess match.  Trey said “Last night was the end of game one and so far it’s band 1 audience 0 so this is now the audience’s chance to beat the band at chess, part two….We’re gonna get a member of the audience who we’ve chosen and we’ll play through the first three or four moves with Page and Justin, who’s going to represent You in game number two of the band vs. audience chess war.  In the last game the band was playing white so in this game the audience will play white to keep things fair.  Good luck, you’re gonna need it.”  Timber (Jerry) contained a Mind Left Body Jam tease.  If I Only Had A Brain was the 1st played in more than a year (since 10/25/94) and turned out to be the last performance of this song to-date.  Before Fish sang he philosophized for a minute “Thank you, you’re very nice people.  I’m sure some of you aren’t actually nice people but at this moment you might think you are.  I think I’m a nice person.”  Possum featured Butch Trucks on Fish’s drums (Fish played trombone and Trey’s percussion) and included teases of One Way Out (Allman Brothers Band cover).  The encore was the 1st Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison cover) played by Phish, during which the band was joined by Jimmy Buffett on lead vocals.  A West Palm Beach resident, Jimmy changed the lyrics in places to reference some local landmarks.  After this show the band and crew traveled 518 miles overnight to Charleston, South Carolina for a day off.