Phish - 1995

Hersheypark Arena
Hershey, PA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st only show at Hersheypark Arena – a historic hockey arena opened in 1936 in the midst of Hersheypark with a capacity 8,531. Tickets cost $20.00 and the show was sold out. Funky Bitch from the soundcheck was the slow, half-time version. Trey liked the “smooth atonal sound” lyric during Wolfman’s Brother so much that he sang it twice. The Fly Famous Mockingbird narration was nothing less than a “brief history of this planet” focusing on the “horrible split” between Western and Eastern thought and leading eventually to Trey’s revelation that the Rhombus was located in King of Prussia. This was the 1st (and one of 3-ever) Mike’s > Weekapaug combinations without any songs in between (see also 12/7/95 and 7/17/98). Trey added an extra “King of Prussia” during Wilson. Set II ended with the 3rd Bowie > Catapult > Bowie ever played (see 4/17/92 and 6/29/94). David Bowie intro included Homer-style “mmm chocolate” vocals and The Simpsons secret language. After this show the band and crew traveled 242 miles overnight to New Haven, Connecticut. This show was released on CD and audio/video download on JEMP Records in March 2007. Dog Log from the soundcheck was included on the 11/14/95 Orlando CD released in February 2007.