Phish - 1994

Beacon Theater
New York, NY, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was the final show of a 3-night stand. Trey’s foot was in a brace due to torn ligaments. This show featured the 1st documented “Wilson” chant by the audience, some of whom also clapped along to the beat. Most of set II featured The 6-piece Giant Country Horns: Dave “The Truth” Grippo, Carl “Gears” Gerhard, Joseph Somerville Jr., Don Glasgo, Chris Peterman and Mike Gallick. The Giant Country Horns played The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, Suzy Greenberg, The Landlady, Julius, Wolfman’s Brother, Alumni Blues, I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song), Cavern and Magilla. As usual, Dave Grippo played congas on The Landlady. Following a sped-up end to Wolfman’s Brother like the instrumental jam on 4/4/94 and 5/4/94, Alumni Blues was played at this show for the 1st time in nearly four years (since 7/18/91) though only one verse was played. It has been reported that after the “whatever you do take care of your shoes” line during Cavern, a number of people in the audience threw their shoes onstage. During Magilla, which began with the horns alone, Trey recognized the horns by saying “ok i just want to quickly introduce everybody in the Giant Country Horns…very close friends of ours, most of them drove here from Vermont and I want you to know who you’ve been listening to.” Trey introduced The Giant Country Horns as they were arrayed on stage: Dave “The Truth” Grippo on alto saxophone, Chris Peterman on tenor saxophone, Mike Gallick on baritone saxophone, Don Glasgo on trombone (“directly from Michael Ray and his Cosmic Krewe”), Carl “Gears” Gerhard on trumpet and Joseph Somerville Jr. on trumpet. Amazing Grace was performed A capella without microphones.