Phish - 1994

Summerstage at Sugarbush North
Fayston, VT, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was the last show of summer tour and Phish’s first show at this open air venue at the base of Sugarbush North Ski Area with a capacity of 15,000. Tickets, which were still available at show time, cost $20.00 and included parking and shuttle. Funky Rock Music from the soundcheck was improvised to the tune of I Wish. Like the hometown tour opener on 4/4/94, the show began with a one-line, A capella Back In My Home Town introduction before Golgi Apparatus. Down With Disease was unfinished and segued into the 3rd and final NO2 of summer (and last until 1999). NO2 was accompanied by Fish’s vacuum and Trey’s megaphone. Run Like An Antelope included The Simpsons secret language and Trey sprinting in circles around the stage with his megaphone while Fish laughed maniacally. Catapult was sandwiched inside Run Like An Antelope for the first and only time to-date and included some ribbing from Fish about Trey’s upcoming wedding. Trey’s Harpua narration was the story of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that crashed into Jupiter (and Poster Nutbag) and included Trey’s homage to Vermont. Trey teased The Divided Sky during Harry Hood. Chalk Dust Torture contained a Barracuda tease. This show was released on CD and download as “LivePhish02” on Elektra in September 2001. Reba from 7/6/94 Montreal was later released as an iTunes bonus in February 2009. In the months following this show, Trey and Fish sat in with Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe, Trey and Sue were married, Trey’s family hosted the second Phish Phamily Phrolic and Trey and Fish joined Jamie Masefield for dates with Jazz Mandolin Project and Bad Hat.