Phish - 1994

The Moore Theatre
Seattle, WA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st and only performance at The Moore Theatre – a historic venue built in 1907 in the Byzantine and Italianate styles with a capacity of about 1,400. Sample In A Jar was teased during the David Bowie intro. After Hold Your Head Up, the rowdy audience shouted out a bunch of songs but Trey and Fish couldn’t understand the requests so Fish translated what he could hear from stage with some crazy yelling. Trey said the band would give the crowd a chance to perform and counted them into the 1st and only Audience Jam (the crowd basically just cheered some more) to which Fish joked “you guys haven’t played that in so long.” Harry Hood included teases of Across The River (Peter Gabriel cover) and The Odd Couple theme. The encore, Bold As Love, was no doubt played in honor of local guitar hero Jimi Hendrix.