Phish - 1994

UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois
Chicago, IL, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s day-after-Thanksgiving return to the UIC Pavilion for their 2nd show there in less than six months.  Tickets cost $19.50 and, like 6/18/94, the show was sold out.  Chicago ’94 Soundcheck Jam from soundcheck consisted of an Including Your Own Hey Jam with Golgi Apparatus lyrics.  Sweet Adeline from soundcheck was a partial performance by Trey only.  Trey’s Thanksgiving narration during Harpua led to what is considered the 1st ever glowstick war as he spoke of happy green beams and angry red beams of light.  Harpua included alternative lyrics by Trey: “look, the angry red vocal hate beam is gone.”  This show and the previous UIC Pavilion show on 6/18/94 were released from the archives in July 2012 as part of the Chicago ’94 box set, which includes Chicago ’94 Soundcheck Jam > Dog Log from the 11/25/94 soundcheck.  After this show, the band and crew traveled 417 miles overnight to Minneapolis, Minnesota.