Phish - 1994

Glens Falls Civic Center
Glens Falls, NY, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show in Glens Falls – the venue was an multi-purpose hockey and basketball arena with a capacity of 7,806. Tickets cost $18.50 and the show was sold out. Poor Heart and Dog Log from the soundcheck were the slow versions. Gold and silver “gelt-style”, foil-wrapped candy coins were distributed to attendees as they entered the venue. It was a 3-set show which started fairly late with a stated start time of 9:30PM and continued until after 3AM totaling over 4 hours of music. This was the band’s first Halloween show since 10/31/91 and the band invited fans to vote for their favorite album to be played as a musical costume. The winning album was The Beatles’ “The Beatles” (aka “The White Album”). The November/December 1994 Doniac Schvice announced that “The ballot box is now closed for the Halloween contest. Betty Frost is working nights to tally the votes. The album with the most votes will be played sometime Halloween night…see you there (don’t forget your Devo hats).” Harpua book-ended the Vibration Of Life for the 1st and only time and included a tease of Wilson as well as the “Vibration Of Death.” Trey’s Harpua narration found Jimmy playing his favorite album “Barney’s Greatest Hits” backwards. During the narration, Fish sang a verse of War Pigs and teased I Love You aka Theme from Barney & Friends. The Harpua narration continued with Poster Nutbag being swallowed into the earth by the Vibration Of Death, leading to the alternate lyrics “Look, the Vibration Of Death is gone”. Set II began with a Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” tease (heartbeats from Speak To Me) which was played through the P.A. to lead into the Halloween musical costume. Except for Piggies (last played 11/19/85), every song on “The White Album” musical costume was the 1st played by Phish. Glass Onion included alternate lyrics by Trey “I told you ’bout Guyute the pig” and a shout-out to Paul Languedoc with an exaggerated “The Walrus was Paul!” Fish sang Why Don’t We Do It In The Road and the band teased Hold Your Head Up before his performance. Birthday wasn’t sung; Page and Mike played around with the music while Fish presented a birthday cake to Brad Sands, who appeared wearing a Fish dress. Cry Baby Cry ended with Fish on vacuum, which provided a transition to Revolution 9 that ultimately ended with Fishman naked and running around while the band blew bubbles and waved to the tune of He Ent To The Bog from Phish’s “White Tape.” Good Night from “The White Album” played over the P.A. from to end the band’s first Musical Costume. Set III was the band’s 1st third set outside a New Year’s Eve show since Amy’s Farm (8/3/91) and began with a tease of Led Zeppelin’s Custard Pie, thus beginning the tradition of teasing Led Zeppelin at and around the Halloween shows. David Bowie included a tease of the Gilligan’s Island theme and Trey teased Stash during the introduction of Run Like An Antelope. Page teased “Charge!” during the Costume Contest. This show was released on CD and download as “LivePhish13” on Elektra in October, 2002. the Glens Falls Soundcheck Jam, including teases of Frankenstein and May The Force Be With You (aka The Force Theme from “Star Wars”) was later released as an iTunes Bonus in February 2009. After this show, the crew traveled 365 miles overnight to Bangor, Maine for a day off.