Phish - 1994

Congress Center

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st and only show in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. The venue was a single-level, multi-purpose room with a capacity of 3,250 that has since been demolished. Tickets cost $20 and attendance was fairly light. The show was not listed in the June/July 1994 Doniac Schvice. Manteca, played twice during the Ottawa soundcheck (but not during the show), was the only known rendition of the entire summer. Like 6/26/94, 7/13/94, 11/2/98 and many others, this was a snooze-you-lose show with a number of songs chosen to purposefully bend the minds of those who made it (and even moreso those who didn’t). Letter to Jimmy Page was played for the first time in nearly three years (since 7/18/91) and the first time without Alumni Blues in seven years (since 5/11/87). This was also the 1st Cities in more than half a decade (since 3/1/89). Trey teased the theme from Shaft before starting Punch You In The Eye and teased Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy during Esther and You Enjoy Myself. Sweet Adeline and Amazing Grace were performed A capella without microphones. Ginseng Sullivan and My Sweet One were performed acoustic without amplification with Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on upright bass, Page on Melodica and Fish on Madonna washboard. The crowd sang along to the second verse of My Sweet One (see 6/19/94).