Phish - 1994

The Orpheum Theatre
Minneapolis, MN, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at The Orpheum Theatre – an ornate, Beaux-Arts style historic theater opened in 1921with a capacity of 2,525. Tickets cost $19.50 and the show was sold out. Guyute was incomplete and was missing the second verse. This monster David Bowie was the longest ever performed, totaling nearly 37 minutes and including a huge jam that featured Fish on vacuum, 1-string bass from Mike (see 11/16/94) and Trey running laps around the stage with his megaphone (see eg. 7/16/94 and 11/13/94). This rendition of Slave To The Traffic Light was released on “A Live One”. After this show, the band and part of the crew flew while most of the crew traveled more than 982 miles by bus to Bozeman, Montana.