Phish - 1994

Beacon Theater
New York, NY, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a 3-night stand at the Beacon. This show paired Demand with Split Open And Melt in a live setting approximating the “Hoist” version of Demand (which ends with the end of a live Split Open And Melt from 4/21/93). Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar. His foot was in a brace due to torn ligaments. You Enjoy Myself featured a guest trampoline jumper from the audience substituting for Trey on the mini-tramps routine. Trey polled the crowd saying, “since i obviously can’t jump on the trampolines anymore…i want to see if somebody in the audience actually knows the entire trampoline routine from seeing us so many times.” Trey then counted off the audience member who gave it his best shot with Mike. Nellie Cane and Dog Faced Boy were performed acoustic without amplification. Trey played acoustic guitar, Mike upright bass, Page Melodica and Fish Madonna washboard. After Dog Faced Boy, Trey said “international debut of a new song there off our fifth album.”