Phish - 1994

Cincinnati Music Hall
Cincinnati, OH, US

Set List

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st and only show at the Cincinnati Music Hall – an historic concert hall opened in 1878 with a capacity of about 3,200 in the main room where the band played, Springer Auditorium. The building is a National Historic Landmark and was built over a “pauper’s cemetery”, fueling its reputation within the paranormal community as an especially haunted spot. In keeping with this reputation, about halfway through The Horse, the fire alarm in the Music Hall went off. The band kept playing but the house lights turned on and the building was completely cleared, including FOH Engineer Paul Languedoc who was the last person out of the building. After the unexpected “set break”, Trey repeated Page’s earlier no smoking announcement explaining the alarm was set off by people “smoking in the boy’s room” and said “This is a really old building. It’s a beautiful building and they’ve got a ventilation system and the fire alarms are set in the ventilation system. If anybody else smokes during the rest of this concert…the fire chief just came up and talked to us and he said the next time this thing goes off it’s over, history, done, no more. So just don’t smoke anymore. It’s that simple.” Trey then explained the set break saying “due to the time we took we’re not going to take a break. We’re just going to play straight through. That was the break.” After Trey’s announcements, the band appropriately picked the show back up with Fire. My Friend My Friend included teases of Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer cover popularized by Johnny Winter) and Moby Dick. Basically Trey played the melody of Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, relevant lyrics of which are “We was ballin’ in the grass growin’ behind the barn. Now my ears started ringin’ like a fire alarm…” Split Open And Melt also included Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo teases. Chalk Dust Torture included teases of Barracuda. Ginseng Sullivan, the second Big Black Furry Creature From Mars of set II and Dog Faced Boy were performed acoustic without amplification with Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on upright bass, Page on Melodica and Fish on Madonna washboard (except Dog Faced Boy which was just Trey on acoustic). Sweet Adeline and Amazing Grace were both performed A capella without microphones, taking advantage of the room’s acoustics. Trey teased Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo one last time during Suzy Greenberg. Split Open And Melt was included on LiveBait04 which was released as a free download at in May 2011.