Phish - 1994

The Edge
Orlando, FL, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second show at The Edge.  The show was originally listed in the Spring 1994 Doniac Schvice as Visage in Orlando and in the April/May 1994 Doniac Schvice as TBA Orlando. Ginseng Sullivan was performed acoustic without microphones with Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on bass, Page on Melodica and Fish on Madonna washboard. Sweet Adeline was performed A capella without microphones. Wilson, David Bowie, McGrupp and Possum included teases of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. David Bowie also contained All Fall Down secret language. Possum included a tease jam with sections of all the songs from Wilson through McGrupp including Wilson, Peaches en Regalia, Wolfman’s Brother and Axilla. Wolfman’s wasn’t known to be teased again until 7/11/97.Page teased New York, New York during Creature in response to Fish announcing his mother was at the show (from Syracuse). After the show, the band and crew traveled 560 miles to Birmingham, AL for their fifth day off of the tour.