Phish - 1996

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in the Netherlands and their 1st performance at The Melkweg (“Milky Way” in English) – a music club set in an old warehouse run by a not-for-profit since 1970 with a capacity of 1,000. This was the second headlining show of the European tour and turned out to be a 3-set show. Taste was played in its new ‘Billy Breathes’ arrangement as it was in Italy (7/3/96) and France (7/9/96). Trey announced that is how the song would be from this point forward. This was the second time It’s Ice opened a set (see 12/6/91). Prince Caspian was unfinished, as were It’s Ice, Mike’s Song, Run Like An Antelope, NICU, Slave To The Traffic Light, David Bowie and Free. The Ska Groove Jam before NICU was interactive – it developed when fans started to shout out chord and style requests. This was the second-ever Bathtub Gin encore (see 3/7/91) to-date. After this show the band and crew traveled overnight to Dour, Belgium.