Phish - 1996

The Forum
Nüremberg, Germany

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in Germany in more than 4 years (since 6/24/92), their fourth headlining show of the Europe tour and their only show at The Forum – a club with a capacity of 1,000. Tickets cost 26,00 DM. This show was listed in the Late Spring 1996 Doniac Schvice as tentative – Venue TBA “somewhere in Germany” with a note to “call hotline for updated info.” Poor Heart from the soundcheck was the slow version. This show featured the 1st Train Song played – during the tune-up Trey said “let me just take a minute to tell you how exciting it is to not have to leave the stage after 45 minutes…for those of you who’ve been following us around. It’s just incredible.” “We just recorded this new album. We spent the last six months or something up in the woods in this barn in upstate New York with a stream and stayed up all night every night playing and ended up with an album at the end of it so there are probably five or six new songs that you guys haven’t heard yet so maybe we’ll try to play one right now. This is a song that Mike wrote. It’s called Train Song and it’s dedicated to all you people who’ve been following us around on the trains.” Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone. After this show the band and crew traveled 150 miles overnight to Cologne (Koln), Germany.