Phish - 1996

The Cow Palace
Daly City, CA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s only performance at the Cow Palace – a historic basketball and hockey arena on the outskirts of San Francisco that was originally the California State Livestock Pavilion opened in 1941. Stated capacity was 14,500, tickets cost $25.00 and the show was sold out. In preparation for 12/31/96 (and foreshadowing 4/22/22), prop collaborator Chris McGregor of Rocket Science tested a remote controlled hot air balloon during this show’s soundcheck and setbreak. Trey teased Dave’s Energy Guide during Maze. During You Enjoy Myself, Trey broke a string which led to a long and unusual jam. This was the last known time Trey broke a string onstage until 6/20/04 Julius. Though they had soundchecked it in Kansas City, this was the first Sparks played in public in more than two years (since 10/29/94). During the end of Harry Hood, Trey thanked the crowd and invited them to visit back home: “We had a great time tonight. We really appreciate playing at the Cow Palace. If you want to see some real cows come visit us in Vermont – we love cows.”