Phish - 1996

Hilton Coliseum, Iowa State University
Ames, IA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st performance at Hilton Coliseum – the Iowa State University basketball arena opened in 1971 with a capacity of 14,934. The Coliseum is the home of “Hilton Magic” – created by the legendary roar of the ISU crowd amplified by the venue’s design. Tickets cost $20.50 and the show took place during an ice storm that shortened both sets to under an hour each. The Dog Log soundcheck was slow blues with a jam. Before introducing All Things Reconsidered, Trey welcomed the crowd explaining “my mother was born in this state and I’ve got a lot of family here.” Trey played Talk on acoustic guitar. The Scent Of A Mule duel included a vocal jam with the audience clapping along, scatting from both Trey and Page, and Fish on vacuum. This show featured the second-ever Demand > Run Like An Antelope combination (see 6/24/94). After this show the band and crew traveled 380 miles overnight to St. Louis, Missouri.