Phish - 1996

The Omni
Atlanta, GA, US

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at Omni Coliseum (known as The Omni) – a hockey/basketball arena opened in 1972 with an innovative ortho-quad-truss roof. The venue was closed in 1997. Tickets cost $26.00, stated capacity for this show was 16,495 and the show was sold out. Set II was Phish’s third musical costume, The Talking Heads’ ‘Remain in Light’, which was selected by the band as were all subsequent Halloween shows (unlike 10/31/94 and 10/31/95 when fans submitted requests). Per the September 1996 Doniac Schvice Phish News: “Regarding this year’s Halloween concert at the Omni, the band has decided to break from tradition and don a “musical costume” of their own choosing. As always, costumes are encouraged, but please be sure you and your costume can fit in one seat.” Starting a new tradition, Broadway-style PhishBills were distributed at the entrances so the audience knew the musical costume as they entered the show. Trey’s Fly Famous Mockingbird narration described David Byrne as Icculus – the story went that Byrne threw Colonel Forbin off the mountain and into the arms of the “Evil Famous Mockingbird.” Every song during set II (‘Remain in Light’) was the 1st public performance and the entire second set featured Karl Perazzo on percussion, Dave “The Truth” Grippo on sax, and Gary “El Buho” Gazaway on trumpet. There were multiple television screens with scrambled content on the sides of the stage and Mike sat in an armchair that was brought out to center-stage to sing Seen And Not Seen, while Karl Perazzo drummed and Trey played bass. Fish sang and Perazzo played drums on The Overload, which ended with an onstage demonstration that included, among other things: Fish on vacuum, Trey on a table saw, Perazzo on megaphone, Mike on a power drill, Dominic Placco as the enforcer, and Col. Bruce Hampton on jackhammer. Perazzo remained onstage for all of set III, as did Grippo and Gazaway for Jesus Left Chicago, Suzy Greenberg, and Frankenstein. Page teased Born Under Punches during Suzy Greenberg. Simple included a tease of Mama Told Me Not to Come (Three Dog Night cover). MTV News shot some of the show on video. After this show the band and crew traveled 618 miles overnight to West Palm Beach, FL for a day off. This show was released in October 2002 as LivePhish Volume 15. Set II of this show was re-webcast at livephish and youtube as a free stream Dinner and A Movie EP27 Halloween Special 10/31/20 (during the Coronavirus pandemic).