Phish - 1996

Piazza del Duomo
Pistoia, Italy

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s only show at Piazza del Duomo – an outdoor civic square with a stated capacity for this show of 10,000. It was a 1-set show opening for Santana. The bill included Popa Chubby at 7pm, Phish at 8:10pm, Robben Ford at 9:15pm, Santana at 10:30pm. Reba ended without whistling. After this show the band and crew traveled 210 miles overnight to Milan, Italy. Following the Europe tour, Tom Marshall shared his Take on Italy [new from Europe] in the Summer 1996 Doniac Schvice “A few nights ago in Pistoia, I was hanging out in the Italian crowd — Phish was the 6th or 7th band in a huge blues festival. They would be followed by Robben Ford (from L.A.) and then Santana. The concert took place in an ancient town square framed by the walls of an enormous church and several other buildings including a 200 foot tall stone bell tower. A large crowd had been waiting patiently all day for the music to begin. When Phish took the stage after sunset, a few sporadic clusters of dancing Phishheads betrayed their locations — the vast majority of the crowd was standing, or sitting motionless on the cobblestones. None of these people had ever even heard of Phish, and I wasn’t sure how the band would be received. “2001” seemed to catch their attention, but not for long — soon they were all laughing and chatting with themselves again. Reba then grabbed again, the the reaction seemed to be ‘we’ve seen this type of stuff before…’ Then the band began the arranged part, and with the last ‘Bag it, Tag it’ still echoing off the cathedral walls I felt the energy change. People were studying the music — really listening. Earlier, Trey had met an Italian fan with a Phish tattoo and they talked about how early Genesis had first gotten a foothold in Italy because the Italians listened better than any other audience. After the sudden stop in the jam, the crowd exploded — thousands of arms waving in the air, people cheering, laughing, babies being thrown from person to person. Phish had completely won this Italian crowd. In my exaltation, I turned and threw my arms around the nearest cheering Italian, a hug biker type in leather — we embraced…I write this from my Italian hospital bed, and even the puncture wounds I received in my neck can’t diminish my memory of this incredible moment.”