Phish - 1996

Stadio Briamasco
Trento, Italy

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in Italy and their only show at Stadio Briamasco – a football stadium with a capacity of 4,277. It was a 1-set show opening for Santana. Tickets cost 45.000 ITL. The bill consisted of Phish at 6pm, Joe Satriani at 7:45pm, and Santana at 9:30pm. Taste was played for the first time in more than a year (since 6/30/95) and was the debut of the new “Billy Breathes” arrangement. Taste and Llama featured Carlos Santana and Karl Perazzo sitting in and Santana even sang a verse of Llama. The Europe tour technically started the previous night (7/2/96) at Pista Speedway racetrack in Lonigo but Phish’s set was canceled due to rain. The rain eventually stopped, Joe Satriana played his middle set and all four band members sat in with Santana. Note that the 7/2/96 cancellation of Phish’s set was the band’s last cancellation for nearly seventeen years (until 7/9/13). The Trento show turned out to be the first show on Phish’s first European tour in almost exactly four years (since 7/3/92). After this show the band and crew traveled 410 miles to Rome for a day off to celebrate Independence Day. The Late Spring 1996 Doniac Schvice addressed Taping In Europe, stating “Carlos and Santana Management have kindly granted permission for Phish tapers to record the shows in Europe. As always, taping will be audio only – no video – and with microphones only (no soundboard patches). There will be no tapers’ tickets issued. The setup of the tapers’ section will be flexible from day to day, bur for the most part, at the general admission shows there will be a designated taping area behind the soundboard and at the reserved seat shows taping will be permitted from your seat provided that microphones are kept at a reasonable height (head level) and do not block anyone’s view. Please be patient and courteous if you are taping, since this will probably be a first for the ticket-takers and ushers in Europe, and also because Santana is granting this favor to Phish tapers as a special privilege – not a right to be taken for granted. Thank you for your cooperation.”