Phish - 1991

The Bayou
Washington, DC, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s sixth and final show at The Bayou.  It was an 18-and-over gig – dubbed the second “Mrs. Pizza Shit” show because of band “slice of pizza, bucket of lard” vocalizations and references that started during the soundcheck and dotted the show.  A guitar fingerpicker (possibly named Mike or Michael) was the opening act.  The venue showed a live video of Rush between the opening act and when Phish took the stage for set I.  After Bathtub Gin, Fish reiterated that the new band name was Mrs. Pizza Shit.  After Brother, Trey dedicated the song to his sister and mentioned his mom and two Phish lyricists in the audience (Tom Marshall and Susannah Goodman whose given name was misspelled in the “Lawn Boy” liner notes).  You Enjoy Myself began with a false start during which Trey confirmed that the band had indeed changed its name to Mrs. Pizza Shit.  The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam was subsequently based on “Mrs. Pizza Shit”.  Reportedly Trey at one point, possibly during You Enjoy Myself, strummed his guitar with a slice of pizza “borrowed” from a waitress.  Though it dated back a few months, the Glide encore was announced as a new song.