Phish - 1991

Rick’s American Cafe’
Ann Arbor, MI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was not listed in the Apr/May 1991 Phish Update.  It was a 21-and-over show.  Ryth McFeud opened and Trey sat in with them on guitar for Light Up Or Leave Me Alone.  This show featured the 1st known performance of the Band and Crew Football Theme Songs (which are essentially the same song with slightly different lyrics).  Paul Guiness, the trombone player for Ryth McFeud, sat in for Magilla.  Tweezer included Walk This Way and Yield Not To Temptation teases.  This show was not particularly well attended and If I Only Had A Brain was played as a self-proclaimed “special treat” for the fans in attendance.  Fish sang the last verse through his vacuum.  Paul did not record this (or many shows of the era) so the setlist was adopted from Brian Feller’s master soundboard tapes.