Phish - 1991

The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was Phish’s second visit to The Catalyst and the last gig on their second California trip in just over half a year.  My Sweet One was performed a cappella, very slowly, after a false start.  The band subsequently re-started the song and performed it as usual.  During the Hold Your Head Up intro, Fish introduced his mom for her third (second in public) guest appearance with the band.  Terrapin featured Mimi Fishman on vacuum while Fish played trombone.  Mimi was introduced as “Showboat Gertrude’s Mother.”  Thanks to a DAT soundboard recording made by Henry Petras and the growing popularity of tape trees on the, this show quickly circulated and became, along with 7/21/91, many fans’ first high quality sampling of Phish’s music.