Phish - 1991

Bandshell, Battery Park
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

In June, the band recorded basic tracks and overdubs for their next album (the as-yet-unnamed “A Picture of Nectar”) at White Crow Studios in Burlington. This was the 1st show of “The Horn Tour” billed as Phish with Special Guests: The Giant Country Horns. The Giant Country Horns were David “The Truth” Grippo on E-Flat alto saxophone and percussion, Russell Remington on tenor saxophone, and Carl “Gears” Gerhard on trumpet. All 14 shows that summer were played as a septet with the horns. Jim Pollock created flyer and t-shirt art depicting the horns in a fishbowl playing underwater. This was a free, all ages show – part of the Burlington City Arts (BCA) Battery Park Summer Concert Series. It was listed in The Horn Tour Phish Update as a “quiet, low-key” 1-set show from 7pm until dusk, but the band ended up playing 2 sets to a big crowd who gathered in the Queen City’s picturesque outlook over Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Mike Luoma (DJ from WIZN FM) introduced the band to start the show. This show featured the 1st known performance of Touch Me (The Doors cover) sung by Fish with horn accompaniment. Before singing his new song, Fish was introduced as Henrietta and The Lizard Queen. The horns also facilitated the first Frankenstein in more than a year and a half (since 12/3/89 at The Front in Burlington) and the return of Flat Fee after nearly three years (since 9/13/88 at Sam’s Tavern in Burlington). With the next album mostly in the can, Rough Trade Records out of business and “Lawn Boy” temporarily out of print, the band hit the road with a catalog largely rearranged for horns launching a summer full of fond memories. It is worth noting that the Giant Country Horns wore uniforms throughout The Horn Tour consisting of white tuxedos with bright purple trim. This was the band’s last-ever outdoor show in Burlington.