Phish - 1991

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a 2-night stand at the Great American Music Hall (GAMH). Like the previous show, it was an all ages, sold-out gig. In an unusual move, Trey spoke atop the intro to Foam, announcing first “how happy we are to play in this beautiful room.” Second, he explained that his mentor Ernie Stires taught him to write in this specific style (Theme and Variation) and dedicated the performance to Ernie and his kids “he’s a great man, a great composer and his two children are here tonight, Ernie and Liz.” Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones. After Brother, Trey announced “that’s an extremely new song dedicated to Page’s brother who’s standing in the room out there somewhere and Mike’s brother standing in the room out there. That song was written to describe their personalities.” Switching gears, he declared “we’d like to follow that song with one about an uncle”. A false start of Uncle Pen followed, then Trey explained that Uncle Pen was about an actual uncle – “Bill Monroe’s uncle, Pendleton Vandiver…Take 2”. Before Guelah Papyrus Trey explained that “the next song we play is about a mother…and it’s not Funky Bitch.” He then shared how he, his friend Dave (Abrahams) and Tom (Marshall) would write together and how Dave’s mother Guelah would spoil the mood, just like the song says. During I Didn’t Know, Trey introduced Fish as “…filling in for Showboat Gertrude, Zero Man!” This show featured the 1st known performance of Walk Away in about a year (since 10/20/90). The Squirming Coil was performed as a second encore, played after the band left the stage and returned following Walk Away. The Squirming Coil was preceded by a tease of Mo’ Better Blues, which Trey called “a great song that we’re not going to play right now”. Reportedly Fish’s parents attended this show (or maybe both GAMH shows) and sat in the balcony.