Phish - 1991

Campus Club
Providence, RI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s third performance at the Campus Club – an 18-and-over show on Page’s 28th birthday.  It was a hot day and the power went out during Chalk Dust Torture which took down the P.A., the lights and the air conditioning.  While the crew worked on the blackout, Fish and Carl “Gears” Gerhard started jamming on drums and trumpet.  The short, acoustic “Blackout Jam” led to a quick drum solo while the P.A.came back online and Carl, Page and the rest of the band broke into their 1st performance of Mr. P.C. in two and a half years (since 11/11/88).  The lights took a little longer to return and the tapers lit the band with their flashlights in the meantime.  In honor of Page’s birthday, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday was introduced as “The Old Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday.”  To cap three consecutive nights of horn players, Carl “Gears” Gerhard returned to the stage to play more trumpet during Take The ‘A’ Train, Magilla, Cavern and Lawn Boy.  Fish played trombone during I Didn’t Know.  While sound and lights were revived, the air conditioning didn’t survive the power outage, leaving the venue extremely hot and sticky.  After Take The ‘A’ Train, Trey mentioned that he hoped they would get the A/C fixed.  Mike teased the Bonanza Theme during Possum, which also contained Yield Not To Temptation and I Know a Little teases.  Happy Birthday was sung for Page twice – once by the band segued out of Fluffhead and again by the band and audience in the middle of Big Black Furry Creature From Mars.  The band teased The Flintstones Theme during Magilla.  Mississippi Queen was teased during Fish’s vacuum solo in Bike.  During Creature, Page was presented with a birthday cake onstage.  Some audience members stage dived during Creature.  Before this show, John Greene met with Greg DeoCampo and the band at CoSA to plan the Esther video project that was eventually screened for fans on 7/19/91.