Phish - 1991

Douglass Dining Center, University of Rochester
Rochester, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s third 4/20 show. It took place at Douglass Hall, which was named after abolitionist Frederick Douglass and reportedly hosted a few hundred people for this all ages show. Fan reports recall bouncing super-balls around the crowd during Bouncing Around The Room (see 12/31/91). Fish began Setting Sail out of the You Enjoy Myself vocal jam and the rest of the band joined him a cappella. Before The Sloth, Trey welcomed Fish’s parents and sister, “who were last seen at the Ithaca State Theater gig.” Speaking to Fish’s parents, he said “i just want you to know that that car we gave away at the Ithaca gig…I just heard yesterday that the guy who got it…I’m not going to tell you how much he sold it for.” Fish replied “My dad’s not supposed to know this but this guy got 2300 bucks for that piece of junk.” Fish then explained how the winner of the Fishman family minivan almost got sued because “he spent the the deposit on dope or something.” Fish and Trey then joked around with Dr. Fishman about the 2/14/91 minivan giveaway, apologizing (“Sorry Dad”) and asking for the key to the next car. There are no tapes of this show in the archives. The setlist was adopted from David Schanker’s audience tape.