Phish - 1991

Warren G. Hill Gymnasium, University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages show in a USM gym, which some sources list as Sullivan Gym and some Hill Gym of which the latter is believed to be correct. During soundcheck, the band performed a dub version of My Sweet One as well as their 1st known performance of Mountain Jam (Allman Brothers Band cover). After Foam, Trey thanked the audience and said “well, this is it. I just wanted to say…tonight we’re driving home…for the first time in about nine weeks so i just can’t tell you how excited I am.” During a few minute delay that ensued before The Divided Sky, Trey continued “Mike is going to change his bass string. You can all stare at him and trey to make him nervous.” With that, Page started into the Charge fanfare with boisterous crowd participation. Then Trey offered that he and Mike would do their new dance step while Mike changed his bass string. Trey introduced Page as Leon before his piano solo in Rocky Top and Fish as Showboat Gertrude before his vacuum solo in I Didn’t Know. After an extensive You Enjoy Myself vocal jam, Trey said “Now you guys can all go home and describe to your friends that last thing we did.” On or about this day, Phish signed an exclusive recording contract with Elektra Entertainment.