Phish - 1991

Colonial Theatre
Keene, NH, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s fourth performance at the Colonial. It was an all ages show. The David Bowie intro included an El Condor Paso tease. Later in David Bowie, the band “played” a silent jam (see 12/9/95). AC/DC Bag included some unusual starts/stops and dark jamming. Fish was introduced before Terrapin by Trey who warned that he would be “bringing out the big, heavy artillery”, referring to Fish’s new vacuum that was played for the 1st time at this show. Fish joked that if he bled during the song, “that’ll just be part of the effects.” Contact and Golgi Apparatus were played as a second encore – the band left the stage and returned after Big Black Furry Creature From Mars. This setlist was adopted from circulating fan recordings.