Phish - 1991

Townshend Family Park
Townshend, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s third and final show at Townshend Family Park. It was an all ages, 3-set daytime show (3pm – ?) billed as Phish with Special Guests: The Giant Country Horns. The Giant Country Horns were Dave “The Truth” Grippo, Russell “Killer” Remington and Carl “Gears” Gerhard. Unlike 1989 and 1990, this year coolers and camping were not allowed and capacity was limited to 2,500. The show was presented by Schleiffer Productions and Dionysian Productions and Jim Pollock designed the ad/flyer. The weather was warm and sunny and The Giant Country Horns played during set II and set III. Before Reba, Trey mentioned feeling both underdressed and overdressed at the same time “because it is National Nudist Week ladies and gentlemen… let’s get naked”. He also warned ‘this is going to be a good long show so settle in.” My Sweet One began with teases of the Bonanza Theme. During I Didn’t Know, Trey introduced Fish before his trombone solo as Hank. Possum contained Oom Pah Pah secret language and jamming on Dave’s Energy Guide. Before Suzy there was some weird video game sound in the P.A. system eliciting yells of “Oh my God I’m freaking out” and causing Page to say “that was the weirdest thing.” Magilla included a Flintstones Theme tease by Grippo during his solo. Trey introduced the horns during the ending of Run Like An Antelope and teased Tweezer during Weekapaug. The band and horns played an extended take on Hold Your Head Up while Fish ran to the bathroom. After Touch Me, Trey announced that the band had been informed the clock on the wall said it’s time to go now, leading to some banter with “Fuck The Clock” being the prevailing sentiment. The Jeopardy! Theme was teased during the jam in Harry Hood. After Harry Hood, Fish thanked the crowd for coming down to the show saying “it was a beautiful day and a beautiful spot.” After Big Black Furry Creature From Mars, Trey asked the rowdy crowd to please “Shuttle out single file” as they played “way too late”.