Phish - 1991

International Beer Garden
Arcata, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This 18-and-over show was Phish’s second and final show at this venue, which some sources referred to as International Beer Garden at Humboldt Brewery. Small Fish opened. Tickets cost $10. The soundcheck offered some interesting variations, including an instrumental version of Funky Bitch and an a cappella My Sweet One. The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam included the phrase “mama put your shoe on your foot”. Before Page’s piano solo in Rocky Top, Trey shouted “Leo!” During the end of Llama, Trey uttered a series of screams (“ooh aah”) and grunts. During this unusual rendition of Suzy Greenberg, Trey teased the Spiderman Theme and quoted The Dude of Life line “Life is a TV show that should’ve been cancelled long ago.” During Suzy’s conclusion leading into Hold Your Head Up, Trey introduced Fish as “the one, the only, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Henrietta!” Before Fish started Terrapin, he and Trey bantered about the three or four songs he sings to which Fish replied “I never could count”. He then announced “this is a love song” before singing and playing his trombone solo. Memories was performed without microphones. Trey teased Dave’s Energy Guide during Harry Hood. Page did an impromptu interview with Shelly Culbertson before the show that was later published online via: the fledgling computer network.