Phish - 1991

The Inferno
Steamboat Springs, CO, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s fourth performance at The Inferno and the first show of a 2-night stand.  The show began with bad sound problems, causing the band to abort two attempts at a Chalk Dust Torture opener.  After the first Chalk Dust failed, the band said a round of “thank you’s” and Fish added “good night, we’ll see you next time.”  Fish then said “we’re just going to try it again” and they launched into the second attempt that also ended in audio failure, followed by a long pause while the crew attempted to fix the problem.  After the problem was addressed, Trey tried to start over again, saying twice (once without music and once over the Llama intro) “Welcome to the Inferno.  We are Phish.”  After Llama, Trey said “we’re obviously cursed with some serious technical problems in the first fifteen minutes of this show tonight but i know it’s going to get all fixed up any second now and we’re going to roll right along so just sit tight.”  When the crowd got rowdy, he promised “the rest of the night is going to be smokin’ so just hang on one minute.”  Once he was convinced that things were working better, Trey said “thank you for waiting around” and started to count off The Curtain.  Thinking again, he said “in the spirit of not blowing the whole sound system out for the fifth time tonight, we’re going to do something that starts off kind of quiet and then builds into sheer mayhem so hopefully we’ll warm into the thing and it’ll hold together for us.”  He then announced that the last two songs they just tried to do with no sound system were both new songs that the band is excited about.  Before breaking into You Enjoy Myself, Trey continued “maybe they’re too new for the sound system – here comes an old one”.  After more delays, the band started You Enjoy Myself and the sound was ok for the rest of the show. You Enjoy Myself included Who Knows teases and short take on the Cheeseburger Rap during the vocal jam.  Trey sang along with the Run Like An Antelope intro.  During the Hold Your Head Up intro, Trey introduced Fish as “no longer the hardest man in show business…the late Henrietta.”  Fish explained that his name was no longer Henrietta saying “I am now the late Henrietta.  I haven’t decided on a new name yet..  It could be Norbert…”  He and Trey then introduced Chris Kuroda as “Cooter” on the lightboard as well as Colorado taper Erik “The Viking”.  Terrapin included a a vacuum solo which led to a brief tease of Whole Lotta Love.  Hold Your Head Up outro included a heavy tease of Let’s Go (The Cars cover) by Page.  Golgi Apparatus was a second encore, performed after the band left the stage and returned following Magilla.