Phish - 1991

Somerville Theatre
Somerville, MA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This all ages show was a benefit for James Bay.  According to the Nov/Dec 91 Phish Update, the damming of the James Bay wilderness region by Hydro-Quebec and Ontario Hydro for hydro-electric power would destroy 15 major rivers, “devastating an area greater than New England and New York State combined resulting in the native Cree and Inuit peoples being relocated and would cause “long term yet unknown ecological disaster for all of North America.”  The first Dog Log played during soundcheck was a cappella as was Poor Heart that followed.  The soundchecked Camel Walk wasn’t really played but rather false-started a couple times and You Enjoy Myself was just a partial bit of the song before it developed into a Blues Jam.  Horn contained the alternate lyric “I’ll pick you up again at 8, listen for my horn.”  This Weekapaug Groove developed into what is sometimes referred to as the first “Weekapaug Reprise” during which the jam bobbed and weaved in and out of multiple starts/stops, teases of On Broadway (Barry Mann/Cynthia Well/Mike Stoller/Jerry Leiber cover) and The Simpsons secret language until the song seemingly ended.  Nonetheless, Trey counted the band back in to finish the song a couple more times, saying “we’ll be right back, there’s so much more to come.”  After Runaway Jim, there was a charity raffle.  The winner was #22 Turtle, who was in Trey’s words “way out there so to speak” and was unable to collect his prize.  Trey then mentioned that they were finally returning home after nine straight weeks, he loved the Somerville Theatre and felt like he knew most of the people in the audience.  Ignoring shouted encore requests for Sanity and Harpua, the band performed Memories and Sweet Adeline without microphones.  Before this show, Trey made time to sit for an interview with Matt Litwin at nearby eatery, Mike’s Diner.