Phish - 1991

McCullough Social Hall, McCullough Student Center, Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

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Show Notes

This was Phish’s second and final show at Middlebury College. It was an all ages show that was not listed in the Nov/Dec 91 Phish Update. McCullough Social Hall had a capacity of 500 and was located inside McCullough Student Center, which dated to the early 1900’s. Free beer, drinks and snacks were provided by the college. Memories was played twice during the soundcheck, but the soundcheck list may be out of order. The Memories show opener was performed without microphones. Guelah Papyrus was aborted due to guitar problems to which Trey responded “thank you…we’re gonna do a vocal number now since my guitar is fucked up.” Fish’s solo during I Didn’t Know was played on vacuum. During the early part of You Enjoy Myself, someone (Mike?) twice yelled “Alligator!”. You Enjoy Myself also included a variety of secret language. By all accounts, this was a rowdy crowd, fueled in part by seven free kegs of beer. Reportedly there were stage divers during the show – most notably during Tela!?! During an extended and somewhat bent performance of the Hold Your Head Up intro, Trey introduced Fish as Henrietta. Before starting Whipping Post, Fish said “This is a crowd that deserves to be punished” and proceeded to lay down some hairy fretless guitar throughout the song. Just as the band started Possum, an audience member reportedly threw a bottle at the stage, prompting an extended dead-pan performance of Wait. After Wait, the boisterous crowd started abusing the band and Trey made the funny announcement to more Wait accompaniment by the band “we’d like to do one that you all know. It’s called The Weight”. During Lawn Boy, Page introduced Trey before his solo saying “take it away Lawn Boy” and Trey proceeded to play The Christmas Song. Rocky Top included a lot of yelling and testimony from all the band members.